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Arizona's Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes®

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the original Kids' Holiday Shop . . .

Hi, we are Peggy & Cass and we are the owners of Arizona's Kids' Korner Gift Shoppes® and we along with our half dozen sales representatives are here to help you make your Holiday Shop a success.


                                                         Should you ever have a question or need

                                                  help, please do not hesitate to call or text us


                                                                    Cell Phone 602-369-3702

Why should you use Arizona's Kids' Korner® for Your School's Holiday Shop Supplier?

2.  Because we give better service.


We have our product warehoused right here in Glendale, Arizona, which means we can give you better service than any company back East.

1.  Because we are the experts when it comes to Holiday Shops.


Kids' Korner® has been doing Holiday Shops since 1989 and we have served over 25,000,000 children nationwide.


If you are not sure what a Holiday Shop is, Click Here


If you want to know how a Holiday Shop is run, Click Here

3.  Because we have better prices.


We work hard to make sure your children receive the best possible values for their money.  Our prices are so good that we dare compare.  Click Here for more comparisons.

Ceramic Mugs - Kids' Korner® $2.50 Competition - $4.00 to $5.00

4.  Because our program is easier to run.


With us you are not spending hours pricing and counting items.   Our products are all coded and we loan you a pre-programmed cash register with your prices already in the machine.  When the sale is over, all we do take the total sales from the machine to determine what you have sold and what you owe.   YOU NEVER HAVE TO COUNT MERCHANDISE (ever).

5.  Because with us there is "NO INVESTMENT" and there is "NO RISK".


You only pay for the product sold after you have sold it and you return all unsold product for full credit.



6.  Because you will be working with the owner.


When you deal with Arizona's Kids' Korner® you are dealing directly with the owners.   If you have a question or problem, we can take care of it -- we don't have to call the office for advice or help.

Have questions - need help?  Call toll FREE 1-800-294-7947 or (623) 872-1995